Setup 3 for FTP users.

this is a simplified FTP program that will let you upload files to your website.

If you use FrontPage ignore this and follow the FrontPage instructions further down this page.

To use the FTP program.

Click the Connect button in Setup 3

Then enter the

FTP Address of your server.

User Name


click OK

select the files you wish to upload in the left hand panel.

Select the folder you wish to upload to in the right hand panel.

Then click Upload

The files you need to upload are as follows.


plus all the the category files you have created, those with a .html extension.

Include also any gif or jpg files.

FrontPage Users Only

When moving the files to your FrontPage Web from the shopping cart folder, use the import option on FrontPage Explorer.

Open your FrontPage Web first.

Click on File, Import, Add File, Open, OK

Moving the files in any other way may result in FrontPage failing to update them when publishing to your website.

Click on "Edit" and "Properties" in FrontPage Explorer to change the properties.

The html and jar   files should be published to the same website directory or folder.  Place any JPG or GIF files in this  directory also..

Windows and File Extensions

Some set-ups of Windows may hide the file extension.  So shop.html may appear as just shop

If this effects you.

Select "My Computer"
Select "Control Panel".
Select "Folder Options."
Select "View"
" the box that says "Hide file extensions for know file types."
Click "OK"