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PayPal Shopping Cart
Html Code and Variables

Technical Details

An explanation of variables used in the PayPal version of our shopping cart. You can find these variables be viewing the html code of the order form generated by the program. The values are set automatically by the setup program and under normal circumstances should not be altered.

This is set to _cart . This passes the details of the items to be purchased to PayPal as a set of individual items. Information about each item is included in the buyer's and seller's history logs and notifications.

New variable used in conjunction with CMD when uploading the details of one or more items. This is set to 1.

Email address of the business account that the merchant has registered with PayPal.

Build Notation Identifier. This is used is identify who supplied the shopping cart software you are using to PayPal. In our case the bn variable used a partial url and is set to All members of the PayPal Developer Network who are listed on the PayPal website have a Build Notation Identifier.

Locale. The represents the country that the PayPal checkout initially assumes the buyer is from. We set the country to correspond to the currency being using be the merchant.   For US dollars this is set to US English. Pounds and Euros to UK English, Canadian Dollars to Canada, Australian dollars to Australia and Yen to Japan. These country options can be overridden by the buyer.

The currency of the payment. Possible values are “USD” (U.S. Dollar), “EUR” (Euro), “GBP” (British Pounds), “CAD” (Canadian Dollar), ,"AUS“, (Australian Dollars), "JPY” (Yen).

Set by the Notes drop down menu. This allows the customer to include a note with the purchase. If you set this option to No your customer will not be prompted to include a note. If set to Yes the customer will be prompted to include a note. The actual code used is no_note=0.

Set by the "Include a Shipping Address" drop down menu. If set to No you customer will not be asked for a shipping address. If set to Yes the customer will be prompted for a shipping address.The actual code used is no_note=0 when Yes is selected.
no_note=1 when No is chosen.

If used this is the internet address that the customer is returned to after a payment is cancelled.

The URL where the customer will is returned to, after completing the payment. If left blank, the customer is taken to the PayPal website.

Each of the following variables is given a number to identify the item to which it belongs. Where x represents the item number, starting with 1 and increasing by one for each item added.

The quantity of an item.

First drop down menu field name for item #x.

The value that the First set drop down menu cn0_x is set to

An optional pass-through variable that allows the merchant to track orders. It will get passed back to you at the completion of the payment.

Name of item #x in the shopping cart. Must be alpha-numeric.

(Required variable) Cost of the item #x