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Using Barclaycard ePDQ CPI with our Shopping Cart

ePDQ is Barclaycard's attempt at providing an online payment processing facility. It comes in two flavors CPI and MPI. Our shopping cart is compatible with the CPI version. After the customer makes an order they are redirected to the ePDQ's secure payment server where they can pay with either a credit or debit card.


  • Secure payment pages carry the Barclaycard name and logo
  • Protection against fraud with Internet Authentication and fraud control
  • Accept orders by telephone, fax and post at no extra cost.
  • Compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
  • UK based technical support team


  • ePDQ does not record the description of the item been bought, only the invoice number and price.
    Logging in your ePDQ account to view a transaction means cross referencing with your own records
    to find out what has been purchased.
  • Their order form is JavaScript dependent. A customer with JavaScript disabled in browser would only be
    able to view the order form. They could not actually buy anything.
  • ePDQ tests the customer's browser string to check the origin of the transaction. Customers using third party privacy software that hides this information, can connect to the Barclaycard server
  • Compared with other payment processors, it is time consuming and difficult to setup.

What you require to integrate ePDQ with us.

  • Barclaycard ePDQ Account
    To accept online payments using ePDQ, to find out more or to receive a quote from them go to Barclaycard ePDQ

  • ePDQ Client ID and Password
    To connect the shopping cart with ePDQ, these are needed to configure the setup program.

  • Our Shopping Cart
    Once you have an ePDQ account go to our download page to find out how to build your online store.

Barclaycard ePDQ payment processing.

1) For Barclaycard merchant account holders who wish to take internet payments.

2) The software on this site is fully compatible with Barclaycard ePDQ.  It can operate from your own website connecting to
their secure payment pages'

3) Applications can be accepted from new or established traders.

4) For protection against fraudulent transactions, Barclaycard fraud screening gives you the flexibility to block IP addresses or cards with specific numbers. You can configure it to suit your business and reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions.

5) Full details of Barclaycard Merchant Account can be obtained by contacting their sales centre on 0800 61 61 61between 8.30am and 6pm weekdays.

6) Instructions on how to configure the shop to the Barclaycard ePDQ specification are provided with the download from this site.

7) Which cards can processed?
Payments to your merchant account can be accepted from the following cards - American Express, Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Switch (including Solo) and JCB.
Maestro can be accepted, if the merchant is using Internet Authentication (MasterCard SecureCode).

8) Is the Barclaycard payment system secure?
ePDQ utilises 128 bit SSL encryption, the same high standard as Internet banking, to process credit cards. Payment details are retained totally within their secure system.

9) ePDQ provides the order page for you. Provided you capture no more than the delivery or billing address, you can allow them to manage security for you. You will require a secure server if you choose to capture the cardholder name at your site.

10) Customer payments are made in line with your merchant agreement with the bank.

11) Once you have obtained a Barclaycard internet merchant account number and signed and returned your application you can begin to integrate with the ePDQ website. Your site can then be enabled within 3 days of you  integrating the software into your web site.