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Compatible credit card processors

You normally need a special kind of merchant account to trade online. The merchant account from your bank for over the counter transactions is not always valid for online trading. An Internet Merchant Account (IMA) allows you to accept online payments. The merchant accounts and other payment methods listed here allow the store owner to accept payments securely and safely.
  • Barclaycard ePDQ
    Requires a Barclaycard Merchant Services ePDQ account.  Contact them for an individual quote. With ePDQ you can accept Visa, MasterCard, Switch and JCB cards on your shopping cart website.

  •  PayPal Payments Standard (Premier and Business Accounts)
    Credit card processing facility for traders without merchant accounts.  Free easy to use online payment solution.  It requires a PayPal Business or Premier Account for this version to work. Allows online payment with both debit and credit cards.

  •  PayPal Payments Pro (PayPal Merchant Account)
    Gives a more professional look to the order form. The customer can make a purchase without leaving the merchants site. A Pro account also give the merchant to accept order via telephone and fax.

  • WorldPay
    Part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, they provide an international service to merchants based in all part of the world. Our shopping cart software can link to them for both debit and credit card processing. They also have the option to process orders via fax and telephone using WorldAccess

  • NoChex
    UK alternative to traditional merchant accounts. Suitable for small scale transactions. When used with the shopping cart software on this site, Nochex allows small merchants to take payments using Visa, Switch or Solo debit cards.

  • Authorize Net
    The shopping cart is Authorize Net compatible.  One of America's leading providers of online payment solutions. The store uses the SIM integration method to ensure secure transactions.

  • PayOffline
    merchant account, supported by the Alliance Leicester, that lets customers make payments offline at a number of outlets situated in the UK using cash or debit cards.

Apart from PayPal the above payment methods are available for shop 3 version of the store only.  However Worldpay can process orders for telephone and fax using the offline WorldAccess.