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A comparison of our software to some of the other shopping baskets available from other cart providers.

  Shop 3 PayPal Actinic d.jpg (1461 bytes) x.jpg (1637 bytes)
No. of items unlimited unlimited 10000 unlimited 10000
Cost £39 £39 £379 $120 $495
Payment Gateways 5 1 14 20 20
Language Perl N/A Perl Perl MySQL
Support Email Email Telephone Email Email
Level Medium Easy Medium Difficult Medium
Search Engine Friendly
SSL Encryption
FTP Included Included Built-In Separate Included

Search Engine Friendly
Some shopping carts build a new and unique web page for every visitor from a database of contents. The transient nature of the page can make it difficult for search engines to read. The program builds the entire shop on the merchant's computer, and uploads it to server in the form of static HTML pages. This makes is very easy for search engines to read and index. Our software takes the category name and inserts into html title tag ensuring it shows up in search engine results.

most shopping carts require a server scripting language for them to run, usually Perl, PHP or ASP. Shop 3 uses Perl which is installed as standard on most business hosting account. However the PayPal version only can run without any server side scripting.

Payment Gateways
Third party companies that handle the processing of credit and debit cards for the merchant. The shop 3 version of our program is compatible with PayPal, Nochex, Authorize Net and Worldpay.

There is no charge to try out our software. Payment processing companies usually impose a small percentage of the transaction fee.

Level of Expertise
This is a subjective area, but the PayPal cart is usually regarded as one of the easier shopping cart to install. Because of shop 3's use of cgi script, that takes it up to the medium level.

No of Items.
There are no limits to the number of items stored, however some of the other manufactures impose a maximum number of items.

We offer email support for the shopping cart. Requests are usually answered with 24 hours. Some of the commercial ecommerce solutions shown above offer telephone support.

The connection between the customers browser and the payments processor's server is encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption.  When the payment details are entered the customer will see a padlock symbol in the browser screen.

Both versions of our shopping cart software come with an FTP utility to upload files to your server.