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Offline Payments:
Telephone and Fax Orders

Accept credit card payments offline using telephone fax and post.




WorldPay is an Internet-based point-of-sale solution that enables you to accept payments from your shoppers by phone, fax or post. Using WorldPay you pass those payments through the WorldPay system, on the shoppers behalf.

You do not require a shopping cart integrated with the WorldPay system and you can start taking payments through WorldPay as soon as your application has been accepted.


You can use WorldPay to support your business in several different ways.

Choice of Payment Methods: Use WorldPay to provide your online shoppers with alternative payment methods to help ensure you make the sale - some 'window shoppers' are inclined to trust the more traditional ways of making payments offline via fax, phone and post.

Offline Sales: if your business only has offline outlets accepting payments by fax, phone or post, WorldPay provides an online solution for payment processing. In a Call Centre, for example, each representative uses WorldPay to enter customer payment/card details.


All Sale Solution: if your business has offline outlets as well as an Internet store, accepting offline payments may be preferred. WorldPay enables you to satisfy this requirement without having to support diverse processing and reporting systems. By entering payments accepted offline through WorldPay, those payments are processed and reported by the same secure payment system and reported by the same account management system, as payments made online by shoppers using your Internet store

Fast Start-up: although WorldPay makes every effort to ease and speed the process, building an Internet store and integrating it with a payment processing system, can take time. If the rest of your business is ready to trade you can use WorldPay as a stop-gap payment system until your Internet store is ready.


The benefits of WorldPay include:

  • one payment processing system for all your sales channels (online and offline sales)
  • increased choice and enhanced confidence for shoppers (through choice of payment methods)
  • fast start-up: no website or integration needed so you can start trading even while your Internet solution is being built


To use WorldPay you need:

  • a computer with Internet access
  • a WorldPay Installation ID

100 one off charge in addition to WorldPay setup fees.

See Pricing  for full details

For details on how to accept credit cards with our software and Worldpay go to our download page.