WorldPay Transaction Costs
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Credit Card processing: with and without an WorldPay Internet Merchant Account.

Transactions Cost: this is the percentage charged for each credit or debit card transaction plus the service charge for a World Direct merchant account if necessary.

The lower rates apply to Bankdirect customers with their own internet merchant account. Rates are also affected by transaction volumes.

Per Transaction

Country Setup Monthly Extra Currencies Chargeback Settlement Credit Card Debit Card
Britain 75 15 50 10 0.35  

1.95% per transaction + 10p per transaction


0.20 - 0.50

USA $399 $50 $75 $15 $4.00  

3.25% per transaction + USD $0.40 per transaction




Extra Currencies
The merchants own currency is provided as part of the account package. With a fee charged for each additional currency.

Settlement/Remittance Charges

Settlement/remittance occurs when the money from your transactions gets paid to you. Bank transfer charges plus WorldPay transaction charges, and refunds are deducted from this money.

The money from transactions is usually paid to WorldDirect customers every week, four weeks in arrears. For BankDirect customers are paid according to their agreement with the bank.



A chargeback occurs when the bank that issued the debit or credit card to a person who bought goods from your business, reverses the transaction, even though it had previously been cleared.

A chargeback can happen at any time after a transaction takes place, and for a number of reasons. Sometimes the shopper claims that he never received the goods, or that the goods were defective in some way. Sometimes the transaction is reversed because a stolen card number was used to purchase goods.

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