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Shopping Cart Manuals


  1. A website on which to setup the shopping cart.

  2. A Windows compatible computer to install our setup program.

  3. An account with a credit card processing company such as PayPal or WorldPay. If you do not have one, see merchant accounts for details.

  4. A copy of our shopping cart software. You can find a free fully working demo of the program at shopping cart download

    A copy of these instructions is also available with the program.  Click on help after starting the setup program.

PayPal Shopping Cart

Simplest version of the program with the easiest setup for beginners. Works on any type of server including Windows and Unix/Linux

PayPal Shopping Cart Instructions

Shopping Cart 3 (Online Setup)

This is also PayPal compatible but in addition works with Worldpay, Barclaycard ePDQ, Authorize Net, PayOffline and Nochex.

Shopping Cart 3 (Online Setup)


Shopping Cart 3 (Offline Setup for more advanced users)

Requires a Linux or Unix server capable of running Perl cgi-scripts.

The program has the same capabilities as the Online Setup version, but in addition allows all the shopping cart scripts to be run from your own server. The scripts are configured offline using the Setup Program then and uploaded to your website using FTP.

Shopping Cart 3 (Offline Setup)


"Add to Order" Button Maker

The instructions for the button maker can be found on the same page as the script itself. Just scroll down the relevent page for details.

"Add to Order" Button Maker

Other information for setting the shopping cart up.