Nochex Shopping Cart Parameters

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Technical Details
An explanation of the html parameters used by the shopping cart when integrating with Nochex. Under normal circumstances the merchant does not need to alter them as they are automatically configured by the setup program.

This parameter is the merchant's email address that the Nochex payment is sent to. This must be an existing account that is already registered with Nochex.

This variable is used to indicate the amount of money to be sent with the Nochex payment. The format used is pounds and pence xx.xx e.g. 10.00


This is a unique number that is generated by the cgi section of the shopping cart, which can be used by the merchant to track individual orders.

Shows all the details of the items ordered, including any VAT or shipping changes. The parameter is included in the confirmation email.

The following are parameters may be used in future editions of the shopping cart. Any one wishing to use them in the present version of the software must customise the cgi-script.

This is optional parameter that can be used to customize the Nochex order form to include your companies logo. This should be stored on a secure server.

An optional URL designed to return customers back to the merchants order confirmation page after they have made an order.

Automatic Payment Confirmation (APC) . This can be used to pass details of the transaction back to the merchant server direct from Nochex's secure server. This operates in a similar way to the IPN system and allows you to process customers payments in real-time and store details of the transaction in your own database.