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Shopping Cart Variables
A list of the HTML form variables used by the shopping cart when processing transactions through the Authorize Net payment gateway the using SIM (Simple Integration Method).

All of the following variables are automatically inserted by the shopping cart into the order form displayed to the user. No changes to the html code are required by the merchant.

To change the values, use the shopping cart setup program. Click on Setup 3 and then select Authorize Net. After making the changes, save the file and upload this to your server.

This is same as the Login ID used to access the Authorize Net Merchant interface.

This field tells the server to use the gateway's own secure payment form, to collect the customers name, address and payment details. The layout of this form can be altered using the merchant control panel.

This is the total value of the order inclusive of shipping and sales tax or VAT.

Summary of the items order including individual pricing, plus any postage and tax if included in the total.

This is a custom variable unique to this shopping cart, and is only used when the description is more than 255 characters long. A summary of the transaction is still posted to the order form, but the rest of the details are sent to the merchant and customer by email.

This indicates to the server the set of fields that is available in the server response. The shopping cart uses version 3.1 which allows the merchant to use the card code CVV2/CVC2/CID) feature. This is the three or four digit security code that can be found on the back of most  credit cards in the signature panel. American Express cards carry this on the front. This provides an extra layer of security for the transaction.

This puts the shopping cart in test mode.  This allows the merchant to test the shopping cart without any actual credit cards been used. No money changes hands and no cards are debited. All order forms and emails are clearly marked test transaction. All Authorize Net accounts are initially placed in test mode before been made live by their user support.