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Nochex Online Payments

Allows small merchants who do not have a merchant account to take secure payments via their website.



Nochex Shopping Cart & Basket

Nochex is intended for UK merchants only. US and other countries can find a list of compatible payment systems on our merchant account page.

A Nochex Seller or Merchant Account is required to Integrate our shopping cart. If you do not have one or just have a personal account, see below for details on how to acquire or upgrade to a Nochex Seller or Merchant Account

Seller Accounts
Nochex allows small merchants and individuals to take payment from anyone in the UK using debit or credit cards. Funds are instantly available with a £100 maximum transaction value.

Merchant Accounts
designed with larger businesses in mind. It allows transactions of up to £1000 with the ability to accept international payments.

The setup is quick and simple and may be used with in conjunction with other methods of payment in our shopping cart or basket program.

All the code required to integrate with Nochex is automatically generated by the setup program.

When payments are made, the money is available to you instantly (some other online payment methods can take up to 8 weeks to arrive)


All Nochex transactions use the AVS (Address Verification Service). This authomatically compares the cardholder’s address against the billing address of their credit card

The CV2 (card security code) number is also checked   to confirm that it matches that of the card holder. This is the 3 digit security code normally found on the back of a credit or debit card


Summary of charges for transactions between Nochex accounts.

  Seller Accounts Merchant Account
Cost of Receiving 2.9% + 20p Tiered % + 20p
Max transaction value £100 per customer £1000 per customer
Limits on Non Members £100 per card None
Support type Email Telephone plus Account Manager
Setup Charge Free £50 once only charge
Monthly Annual Fees None None
Countries Accepted UK only UK and International

There are no fixed running costs associated with Nochex accounts (there is small once only fee of between £0.01 - £1.99 incurred when registering a card for the first time.).

Apply for a Nochex account for use with our shopping cart  Application Form

Process dollar payments for US merchants.

Countries outside of the US can find a list of compatible payment systems on our merchant account page.

Authorize Net's gateway is compatible with the Shop 3 version of our program using their AIM and SIM integration methods.

SIM (Simple Integration Method) is a secure online payment-processing system for the shopping cart that allows Internet-based businesses to authorize, process and manage credit card transactions directly from their Web site. There are no worries about the complicated software, hardware and expertise normally associated with enabling e-commerce.

The integration method captures the necessary customer information (name, credit card number, etc.) from a merchant’s own secure transaction page, or it can display a customizable transaction page hosted on an Authorize.Net secure server, for the customer to fill out.

The customer’s information is encrypted using 40- or 128-bit Secure Socket Layer technology and sent from the shopping cart to an Authorize.Net transaction server. The server sends the data through the authorization network to the appropriate card issuer's bank, using a secure, proprietary connection. When the authorization process is complete -- this takes around five seconds -- the customer receives an approval or decline response and the Authorize.Net server stores the transaction. Transactions are automatically settled each day and are funded within two to three business days.

Merchants can check the status of transactions or run reports on past activity by going to the Authorize.Net Web site and logging on to their own password-protected Authorize.Net site. And online businesses can use the Authorize.Net Virtual Terminal to enter payment information manually if customers prefer to call in their credit card information.

How to intregrate your store using Nochex

(Option 1) Create an Add to Order button

To integrate Nochex, just enter your Nochex email address in to our shopping cart and you can begin to take credit and debit card payments on your site

You can be up and running in minutes.

Create "Add to Cart" buttons for your order pages.

Try our button generator to test how it works.

(Option 2) Shop 3 Shopping Cart (Fully working demo)

Creates the entire payment page for the shopping cart, including description. thumbnails and the order form.

Shopping Cart 3 Installation Program (12mb)