PayPal Merchant Rates

Criteria for receiving Merchant Rates for the PayPal Shopping Cart.


PayPal's Merchant Rate

This pricing structure is available for members whose accounts are in good standing and who meet the following conditions:

They have been a PayPal member for at least 90 days, and

Received either $3,000 USD or 1,500 GBP in PayPal payments during the last calendar month


They have a competitive offer from an established merchant account provider


They are a long-standing, high-volume eBay seller (eBay user ID and password must be provided on their Merchant Rate application)

Maintaining your Merchant Rate

After qualifying for Merchant Rate pricing, you must maintain at least $3,000.00 USD  or 1,500 GBP in payments per month with PayPal.

Members may be downgraded to the Standard Rate if their monthly PayPal volume drops below $3,000.00 USD  or 1,500 GBP for three consecutive months.

Keep their PayPal account in good standing. Members may be downgraded if they have limited account access or they have unresolved chargebacks.

Members interested in receiving the Merchant Rate should apply login to their PayPal and apply there. To reduce processing load, members may apply only once every 30 days.