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Integrating the shopping cart with Worldpay's Hosted Payment Service (HTML Redirect).

This is Worldpay's simplest form of integration and the one which the shopping cart is compatible with. As the name implies the shopper is redirected to a Worldpay secure server after they have chosen the items to buy to complete the ordering process. Standard HTML form variables being used to transfer the details of the order. If the customer successfully makes an order you will be informed of this by email. Details of the order will also be available in your Worldpay account. At no time is any credit or debit card information stored on your server, everything being processed on their own PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) payments pages.

Requirements for integrating HTML Direct

  • Worldpay Account
    Contact them directly for details on how to obtain an appropriate account. Standard merchant accounts from your bank are not valid for trading online, for which you require a separate account with an appropriate payment processor. This also as an option to accept credit card orders by telephone, fax and post.

  • Transaction ID
    This is issued by the Worldpay support team, but you can find a copy by logging into your administration server and looking in the lower right hand corner of the screen. This identifies the shopping cart to Worldpay as belonging to you. Place a copy in the setup program and save.

  • Shopping Cart
    To test it out you can find a working demo by going to our download page. It also include links to instructions on how to install and set up the shopping cart.

Apart from transaction ID most of the Worldpay specific settings for the shopping cart can be ignored.
Of the remaining the two most useful are:-

Authorisation Mode.
selecting pre auth prevents a credit card from being charged on receipt of an order. This allows the merchant time to view the order before accepting it or waiting until the goods are dispatched. Transactions must be completed within 5 working days.

Test Mode
This allows you to test the shopping cart's integration with the Worldpay server before going live. Test credit card numbers for provided for this purpose.

All of  the html code needed to integrate with WorldPay is generated by our shopping cart.

WorldAccess - Phone and Fax Orders
you can also accept Telephone and fax orders using the optional WorldAccess. You means you can trade directly from your website without building a shopping cart. Click here for details of Worldpay costs for the US, Canada and the United Kingdom, for customers with and without an Internet Merchant Account.


worldpay payment plugin

This is an alternative payment plugin for Worldpay.