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This is a payments system which enables your customers to purchase goods and services online, then paying using cash or debit cards offline.

The customer is issued with a printable barcode which they can take to any of the 17000 participating payment outlets to make a payment.


This system is for UK merchants only, who wish to take payments in pounds sterling. Traders from other countries can find a list of compatible payment systems in merchant accounts

PayOffline standard fee structure.

Monthly Turnover Transactions Fees
Below 1,200 3.00% + 0.20
1,200 to 5,000 2.50% + 0.20
5,000 to 12,000 2.00% + 0.20
12,000 to 50,000 1.50% + 0.20
50,000 and above 1.25% + 0.20

Merchants with larger turnovers can contact PayOffline directly for a custom quote.

The registration fee is a 25 once only payment. This fee is waived if you join before the end of October 2007. There are no other monthly or yearly fees.

Guaranteed payment

You are guaranteed to receive any payment made, since the customer makes their payment directly using cash or debit cards at one of PayOffline's outlets..

Payments are then transferred to a holding account under the control of the Alliance & Leicester.

Larger merchants who have an Internet Merchant ID will receive their payments within 5 business days.

For smaller merchants with no Internet Merchant ID may have their payments held for up to 30 days.

After this period all funds are transferred electronically using BACS directly to the merchant's bank account.

PayOffline is fully compatible with the ecommerce software available from this website. A fully working demo of which along with installation details can be found at PayOffline Shopping Cart


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